Services and Capabilities




Eco Line Solutions can supply quality materials for your project at a competitive rate, complimented by an installation service that will go above and beyond to deliver your project requirements - whilst maintaining the highest level of quality from pre-commencement through to completion and CQA reporting on works.  

Services and Capabilities

Eco Line Solutions sources materials from only reputable and quality geosynthetic manufacturers. Materials are manufactured and installed to a project specification or to industry standards in accordance with the projects designer or clients instructions. 

Eco Line Solutions specialise in HDPE and LLDPE (Liner) Geomembrane projects with;

  • high quality materials specifications (MQA - Manufacturing Quality Assurance)
  • stringent construction specification requirements (CQA - Construction Quality Assurance) including compliance with onsite third party project superintendents and third party laboratory testing of workmanship
  • difficult and unique installations and applications included within designs such as limited access, steep slopes, minimal time frames, isolated locations within Australia and abroad
  • schedule dependent projects where quality and time is of the essence we have a proven track record of delivering works under challenging circumstances

The equipment that we bring to a project is tailored to suit the installation. Equipment is regularly maintained, calibrate and where required certified by third party assessors, this allows us to perform installation with minimal or no down time as a result of equipment break down or issues. This applies from our site vehicles right through to our wedge welders. 

Supply and Installation of Quality Geosynthetics 

Eco Line Solutions supplies and installs a broad range of Geosynthetics from reputable and quality manufacturers. Geosynthetics are designed to serve a particular function including impermeable/low permeability containment, transmission of gas, conveyance of liquid, protection from mechanical damage between layers, and separation of layers from mixing.

Eco Line Solutions supplies and installs the following Geosynthetics products.

Containment Geosynthetics:

  • HDPE, LLDPE, Electrically Conductive Geomembranes (Liner) - in a range of smooth and textured surface treatments, gauges including 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm geomembranes. Please call the office to discuss other surface treatments and gauges available for your project.
  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL's) - a range of GCL's with various properties are available, the best GCL for your project will depend on the application and the site specific conditions. Please call the office to further discuss these GCL options.

Other Functional Geosynthetics:

  • Non-wooven, wooven and staple fibre geotextiles - protection geotextiles protect an underlying layer from mechanical or UV damage, separation geotextiles isolate two layers from entering into the other. 
  • Geogrids, geoweb and geocells -  soil stabilisation and erosion control applications
  • Geonets and geocomposites - conveyance of liquids and gas

The above materials can be used in various applications, please contact the office and let us find a material to assist you on your project. 


Auxiliary Project Services 

Pipes (PE, PVC, Reinforced Concrete), Pumps and Instrumentation

Eco Line Solutions can supply and install your pipes, tanks, pumps, components and instrumentation requirements. We have qualified and experienced electricians for component and instrumentation installation and calibration, and technicians and specialised equipment for both butt and electrofusion PE pipe welding.

Civil Works

Eco Line Solutions has qualified personnel to operate plant for onsite lifting of geosynthetics, detailed civil works, excavation and backfill of perimeter anchor trenches. Careful installation of civil materials (such as gravel and soils) directly on top of geosynthetic layers so as not to cause damage to the geosynthetic containment system.  

Concrete Works and Penetration Preparations

Some projects require concrete works to enable the termination of HDPE liners to a new or existing structure within a containment area, a service offered by Eco Line Solutions. These works include forming around a structure, laying of concrete, fabrication and embedment of a polyethylene profiles into wet concrete. This service is now offered due to client feed back, as it ensures that preparations for liner works are done correctly which improves project quality, schedule and costs.

Quarry Products

Eco Line Solutions can supply and install high quality quarry products at a competitive rate including delivery to your site. Materials range from highly impermeable clay for compacted clay liner (CCL), to supply and installation of a graded aggregate directly on top of a geosynthetics containment system for leachate collection and conveyance. Quality certificates can be supplied if requested when enquiring into any product.