Contaminated Sites, Rehabilitation and Gas Barriers

Contaminated Sites, Rehabilitation Projects and Gas Barriers

Geosynthetics such as HDPE geomembranes have been designed to resist degradation when exposed to hazardous liquids and gases.

Industry in many instances has left a legacy of damage and contamination within the environment. Growing populations, urban sprawl and economic incentives has made it necessary to construct in the areas with existing contamination. In turn these sites may need to treat, remove or contain contaminates to avoid impact on people or further damage to the environment. 

To minimise further impact on the environment and contact with humans, geosynthetics are used to contain or stop further spread of solid, liquid or gas contaminates. 

  • Capping over contaminated sites for future construction
  • Mine rehabilitation projects
  • Hazardous containment cell; base and cap lining
  • Retrofitting containment systems over the foundation of an existing building, or during construction over an area of contamination  
  • Gas containment, conveyance and controlled venting system (active and passive venting)
  • Vertical cut off/containment 'walls'
  • Containment cells for waste placement and treatment to neutralising contaminants   


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