Ornamental, Golf Course and Bioretention

Ornamental, Golf Course and Bioretention Ponds

Ornamental ponds and dams on private residences and golf courses do not always hold water as they may have been constructed on poor quality or fractured material. To ensure that these ornamental features are always looking their best, a containment geosynthetic liner can be incorporated within a pond or dam with minimal impact on the visual amenity of a water feature.

Bioretention/Biofiltration systems are a common requirement in new subdivisions and housing developments whereby contaminants and sediments are removed from storm water run off, before release into natural water ways.

Bioretention systems are designed to hold storm water before it can escaping into the surrounding environment, allowing the filtration process to occur. Containment of storm water is achieved through the use of a basal impermeable HDPE geomembrane. Biofiltration requires storm water to pass through different sized particles of filter medium (sand and aggregate) for filtration to occur. These layers are kept separate through the use of a filter/seperation geotextile. 

All Bioretention materials including quarry sand and aggregate materials can be supplied by Eco Line Solutions.


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