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Ecoline Solutions is an Australian Family owned Business established in 2013 by Hawkins Brothers, Brendan and Andrew Hawkins. Ecoline Solutions Pty Ltd has established itself as a highly respected and competent Geosynthetics Contractor resulting from a history of remarkable project delivery, integrity and service.

Ecoline Solutions is a collaboration of experienced professional individuals, when working together as a team we achieve remarkable project outcomes for our clients.


Ecoline Solutions provides speciality construction services in urban and remote locations in the fields of hydraulic containment, waste storage, infiltration protection, mining, agricultural and industrial storage, environmental protection, landfill construction and management, remedial projects, and other civil/fluid/waste related projects.


Eco Line's business and focus is to provide a high level of service to our clients from enquiry through to project delivery. Dealing with clients and prospective clients with honesty, integrity and 'going above and beyond' to ensure your return business.

Our teams experience and knowledge in delivering civil and geosynthetic projects enables Eco Line to:

  • identify construct-abilty issues prior to commencement of works

  • deliver projects strictly to project designs and specification

  • plan and sequence works to minimise reworking of areas, damage to geosynthetic materials and civil works

  • avoid unnecessary delays and disruptions to project programme and Eco Line's scope of works by identifying at an early stage problems and delaying factors to minimise their effect

  • provide realistic and achievable schedules and project programmes

  • effective management systems and documentation to support site activities

The success of Civil and Geosynthetic projects is often dependent on a collaborative approach with clients, designers and other contractors, to deliver project outcomes. To minimise unnecessary costs and delays to works Eco Line actively provides clear and concise communication involving our scope of works, before (preparations) and during construction.


To develop Eco Line as an industry leader through:​​

  • Providing services that go above and beyond our clients expectations, and protect works from factors that may delay or damage works in progress. 

  • Create a strong brand name and reputation within the industry.

  • Continuing our Quality Project delivery and maintain our impeccable success rate for all our current and Future Projects.

  • Each Project that we deliver satisfies the needs of our clients and the expectations of designers and governing bodies.

  • Aligning ourselves with industry leaders and quality manufacturers who share the same goals and will compliment Ecoline's services.

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