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Ecoline Solutions is committed to continuous environmental improvement and understands its unique position in safeguarding and improving the local and global environment in the delivery of quality projects. Through our business activities and operations we are committed to reduce impacts on the environment. Ecoline endeavours to achieve best practises in areas of Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality. 

Our Environmental Objectives include;

  • Achieving best enivironmental practices with the goal of zero environmental incidents.

  • Be recognized by our clients and site auditors as a company that manages environmental risks effectively onsite.

  • Develop and promote measurable performance objectives and targets that will continuously improve Ecoline’s health, safety, environmental and quality performance.

  • Minimising disturbance to the surrounding natural and built environment, and nearby communities during construction works.

  • All WH&S and environmental incidents are to be reported to an Eco Line manager and recorded within Eco Line incident report register.

  • Comply with all relevant Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality regulations, standards and current best practices.

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